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Responsive Images

Responsive Images & Photoshop

Visitors to your website may be seeing it on a phone, a tablet or on a computer. With responsive images, your website provide images using the least bandwidth while providing the highest quality necessary for that device.

? How does this help you?
If your website loads slowly, your frustrated visitor may leave your website.

? What do I have to do?
Upload three versions of the same image. The visitor’s browser will know which one to use.

? What has changed?
We no longer use the old html image tag:

<img src=”smiley.gif” alt=”Smiley face” height=”42″width=”42″>

?? What’s new?
The new tag is the source set tag:

<img src=”cat” srcset=”cat-160.jpg” />

Think About Your Visitors

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What’s making your site slow?

Google Developer Page: Mobile-Friendly Test

If your site doesn’t pass Google’s test, they will rank your website at the bottom of the search rankings:

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